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Apartments and multi unit developments ​require expert knowledge of all planning regulations and guidelines. Requires an understanding of council interpretations, neighbourhood impact, and skilled town planning application strategies.

Expert investment design advice :
  • Listening to your needs and requirements

  • maximising your gross building area

  • appropriate neighbourhood  sensitive design 

  • understanding design regulations

  • interpreting council planning requirements

  • council liaison and negotiations

  • coordinate consultants and all planning documentaion

  • producing value adding solutions

  • implementing creative yet functional solutions

  • demonstrating the visual appearance and feel of your project

architecture apartments
apartment architecture
Architect house design

Townhouse developments, Apartments

townhouse design

Too often town planning applications are undertaken by inexperienced designers who simply fail to understand how various councils interpret their many regulations and planning guidelines. The end result is wasted expense by the client for a planning application that was not correctly designed in the first place or poor negotiation strategy with council.

George Dakis can undertake a feasibility design study of the site to determine the best potential design assessment and provide guidance on methods of achieving  planning approval.  Requires design skill and experience to determine what can be achieved for your investment.


apartments design
Contemporary architecture
apartment design
Apartment architecture
Architect townhouses
Contemporary architecture
Contemporary architecture
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