Extending and renovating your existing home can be exciting​ and worthwhile, but could prove costly and end up with a poor design without the proper expert guidance and advice.

Expert home improvement advice.

Do you need more space?  Would you like to have an upgraded kitchen, bathroom, home theatre?  In some cases, a new house might be the best answer but in others the course of wisdom is to renovate your existing home or build an addition. 

How can you determine the best solution in your particular case? Here are a few factors to consider when deciding between a new home or a remodel/renovation project:

The location:

If you like the area you already live in then renovating your existing home seems at first glance a logical solution but you require expert design advice to determine what is feasible.

The Cost:

You will typically pay a higher price per square metre for an addition/renovation works than for a new home, Renovations can be like opening a can of worms with many hidden costs to the inexperienced but with expert guidance these costs can be controlled and preadvised.  

The Return: 

Consider the return on your investment.  A renovation, remodel, or addition should increase the value of your home, so it is an investment and even if you don’t foresee selling the home in the near future, it is still very wise to make sure you will get a decent return on that investment. 


Can the existing home be redesigned to suit your requirements. It is important the design enhances the existing, the practical flow of space, the enhanced styling and appearance. There are always many design options, the key is to determine the best design suited to your lifestyle.


With over 1500 projects over the years George Dakis has been responsible for some stunning transformations. His experience and design flair will help your project,  big or small.   Contact 03 8692 0029 or email info@dddesign.com.au  to arrange your onsite consultation with George for expert guidance and advice.




Renovating your existing home.

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