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House design architect
House design Architect
House design architect

There is more to Working Drawings than just getting a building permit. They should show how to construct the building and achieve detail design required.

  •   Advanced Contract Documentation
  •   Internal Fitout Drawings
  •   Structural & Civil Coordination
  •   Lighting & Electrical Design
  •   Interior Styling & Decoration 

Coordinate all of the consultants.  Council liaison, Builder Tendering and Building Permit applications.

Quality in construction requires synergy between entire construction team and design team.

  • Onsite inspections,
  • Construction detail shop drawings, 
  • Specification coordination,
  • Quality  workmanship assesment


The most important stage. The very soul of a stunning custom design.  The difference between a good designer and a really great designer.

All projects are personally designed by George Dakis.  All photo realistic design images are personally done by George Dakis. 

Starting from a blank sheet of paper, utilizing his natural design flair, over 31 years experience and a thorough understanding of his clients needs  he quickly develops concept designs that wow every client,  first time, every time.  


Concept Design

Working Drawings


Construction Detailing

House design architect
Architect house design

We offer competitive fees to undertake full design & documentation service. Often lower than many Architects.

Affordable fees, clever cost efficient designs and building cost analysis ensures everyone can have a custom designed home.    


Architect house design

George Braoudakis does all of  the photo realistic 3D images himself.  Just look at the images on this website.

It allows to best show off the design to the clients and develop the design further.




  • Multi Unit Developments
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Heritage Overlays
  • Infill Planning.



  • Sustainable Design
  • Passive Solar Design
  • Thermal Performance Reports


House design architect
House design architect
Architect house design
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